when you have a coughing fit in class and you are trying to hold it inimage

i cant believe how true this is 

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girls don’t like boys they like blink-182

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I want to dress nice and go on adventures, take lots of pictures and sleep outside. I want to listen to old songs and run aimlessly like I just don’t give a fuck. I want to braid my hair and make flower crowns, I want to skinny dip-a lot. I don’t want to be late for buses or appointments or school. I want to learn but in the most practical ways that don’t involve buildings and deadlines.

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my eldest sister had a boyfriend when she was in fifth grade, but we moved away so they obviously couldn’t see each other. well, when she was in college her friend introduced her to some guy and it was her old boyfriend from fifth grade. after two days of catching up she told him she wanted to marry him. they’ve been married for ten years and have two kids together.


dude sell that shit to disney

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